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Caribbean Metal Fabricators responds by providing custom solutions to your metal fabrication needs. Combining a blend of art and science, our seasoned design engineers ply their craft using the most advanced CAD tools, proven engineering techniques and imagination. In addition to initiating our own designs, we can also work with your designs in developing finished solutions. Whether they’re simple sketches on a scrap of paper or fully detailed blueprints, our design engineers work with you to optimise your project’s design and ensure its finished form and function satisfy 100% your needs, Understanding the customers requirements and helping to design the best way to build the item and careful skilled fabrication has earned Caribbean Metal Fabricators the reputation for getting it right, the first time, every time, on time. Whether we're building an intricate piece of custom metal furniture or a series of large conveyor assemblies for the pharmaceutical industry, we understand that quality of work is all about attention to detail. Quality systems, procedures and practices are developed, reviewed and changed with participation of employees in a continuous improvement effort. Caribbean Metal Fabricators, Inc. goal is to continue meeting world class standards for mutual benefit of our customers and employees.

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